Hey You ! Signs Portable Dry Erase Board

Made in the USA · Patent Pending

About Hey You Signs Products

Hey You! Signs came into existence when local sports memorabilia aficionado, Ron Bowie, had an idea while watching baseball fans standing and cheering for “The Wave” at a local baseball game.

Helping fans express themselves and share in the excitement was the goal with our New Age Portable Dry Erase Boards.

Whether you are a coach, a teacher, and instructor, or just another fan you will find that our portable dry erase boards are exactly what you need to get the message across at any venue or event. 

Our signs are totally reusable and durable and so easy to use that even kids enjoy our boards. Being able to share your words of inspiration and offer support to your team is what our portable signs are all about. 

What kind of folks buys our product? 

  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Fans
  • Artists
  • Engineers
  • Hearing Impaired and Disabled Individuals
  • Motocross and Auto Racing
  • Professional Instructors
  • Home and Garden Supply Stores
  • Government Departments
  • Banks and Lending Institutions
  • Building Construction & Planning

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product just simply return the unused board in original condition for a complete refund (minus the shipping costs of course.)

How The Idea Started…

It all started back in April 2013 on Opening Day in Arlington, TX. It was the Texas Rangers vs. the Chicago White Sox. At the time my occupation was selling sports, music, and movie memorabilia. My booth was set up in an Arlington hotel lobby, where fans would stay during baseball games.

After setting up, a customer of several years stopped by to visit, and asked me when was I going to update my product line? Every Opening Day I sold the same picture of a Nolan Ryan fight, simply because it was the most popular item in my line of products. I made the promise to bring something new the following year to my customer. But what, I had no clue.

Late that afternoon as fans left the hotel, I decided to stroll over to the hotel bar where there was a group of people watching the Opening Day ceremony on the big screen. I decided to join and watch the festivities, and that’s when I saw it. I noticed a cameraman on the big screen, videotaping shots of the fans as they did “The Wave.” Then I saw a lady holding a sign. (And that’s when it hit me!)

At that moment I told myself that it would be cool if the sign she was holding could be changed. Boom! A message from God entered my mind and he said, “How about a dry erase board? You can write and erase within seconds.” “Wow”, I thought, “This was it.” Then I pondered how I could make a board that was convenient enough to carry.
Boom! Another message was sent down to me. God said to fold the board and like a sunshade that you would use to block the sun out of your vehicle.

Hey You! Signs are a special gift from God. I got my message. I hope my dry erase boards can help you share life’s important messages, too.

In Faith,
Ron Bowie

Mission Statement

Hey You! Signs’ passion is to serve the homeless ex-military veterans by removing them from the streets and providing them housing, medical care, counseling, and other assistance to adapt successfully back into society. Hey You! Signs plans to provide a portion of the company’s profits toward putting this passion into action.